4.4 miles serves as the new record-setting distance for long-range rifle shots.

When a group of spotters and a shooter struck a target at 4.4 miles (7,744 yards) in the Wyoming desert earlier this month, they smashed the long-range shooting world record once more.

The Nomad Rifleman, a long-range shooting school based in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, is led by Scott Austin and Shepard Humphries, who also planned the impressive display of marksmanship.

They were shooting at a metal target that was 10 feet broad and 7.6 feet tall, made of thin sheet metal. 

Additionally, it was positioned at a sharp angle so that it would fall more naturally with the bullet when it returned to earth.

At 4.4 miles, the target was 1.18 MOA height and 1.54 MOA broad (120 inches by 92 inches). That would be a sporty target at 1,000 yards, measuring around 15.4 by 11.8 inches,

but it wouldn't be very challenging to hit regularly with a competent rifle and ammo. But ringing steel at a grand is very different from doing it at a distance of almost 7,700 yards.

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