In an unusual hearing, the gunman in one of the country's first mass killings at schools was refused release.

KY LOUISVILLE — Michael Carneal was sentenced to life in prison on Monday by the Kentucky Parole Board for the shooting rampage he committed at Heath High School in West Paducah, 

which resulted in the deaths of three students and the injury of five more.Carneal, 39, won't ever be eligible for parole again thanks to the serve-out decision.

Carneal's freedom seemed improbable given the vast number of victims. However, he may have ruled out any possibility of that when he admitted in court last week

that he still hears voices in his brain, including the ones he claims instructed him to fire on December 1, 1997.

He claimed to be able to silence such voices today, but a parole board member expressed concern about his prognosis and noted that he was having "paranoid thoughts with violent imagery."

On September 20, he said that two days earlier, he had heard voices urging him to descend a staircase.

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