The entire MCU film is spoiled by an Easter egg from Thor: Love and Thunder.

Numerous genres have been employed in the Marvel Cinematic Universe to tell the tales of its heroes and villains. 

Heist movies, for instance, demonstrated why Scott Lang would be the ideal candidate for the role of Ant-Man, but Eternals' legendary approach to narrative felt more biblical than action-packed. 

These sources of inspiration created a mood that enhanced the heroes present and aided in differentiating them from one another. 

Thor: Love and Thunder, an action comedy that that incorporates romance, made heavy use of this idea.

The main plot of the movie was the alliance that Thor and Jane Foster made in order to stop Gorr the God-Butcher from abducting Asgardian infants.

The story itself was straightforward but surprisingly complicated since it required Thor to confront concepts like as acceptance of loss, love, and mortality.

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