The eatery intends to sue the customer for the $3,000 tip he gave the waitress.

A client gave a server at Alfredo's Cafe in Scranton, Pennsylvania, $3,000 on a stromboli order that cost $13, giving the impression that she had struck it rich. 

However, that heartwarming tale has backfired on the eatery, which is now suing the patron who left the tip. Continue reading to learn why.

The workers at Alfredo's were shocked when a visitor who was passing through town gave his server a $3,000 tip on a $13 bill in June of last year.

Although managers were first dubious, the credit card transaction was successful. The man said that he made the kind tip as a result of the Tips for Jesus social media campaign. 

Mariana Lambert, a server, stated, "It truly meant a lot to me since everyone's going through everything." 

"My heart was really moved by it. It still defies belief. I'm still astonished." But a few weeks later, things became more stranger.

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