The Delay in Reusable Rockets for NASA's Artemis Program

Over the past several years, NASA has been quite active. In recent weeks, the Artemis Program, a revival of the original Apollo missions to reach the Moon's surface, has dominated the news cycle. 

The Artemis Program, which was first revealed in December 2017, intends to establish a foothold on the Moon in order to eventually go to Mars without difficulty (via NASA).

The Artemis rockets have a distinctive appearance, following the trend of abandoning the space shuttle architecture

in favour of a staged rocket that, both in terms of purpose and aesthetics, harkens back to the Apollo era.

Some people might be asking why NASA decided to once again deploy single-use rockets. Staged rockets have amazing looks, but they are far more expensive 

and have boosters that separate and an entire package that breaks apart to become debris once the mission capsule is removed for the crew's descent down to Earth.

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