The college football world reacts as the coach yells at the referee.

Iowa State Cyclones head coach Matt Campbell is not known for being an irate coach who frequently yells at officials. Campbell is frequently seen as being calm and collected when playing.

But during the game against the Baylor Bears on Saturday afternoon, he utterly lost his composure in front of the officials.

After seeming to stop Baylor on third down in the second quarter of Saturday's game, Cyclones cornerback Anthony Johnson was called for an illegal block below the waist.

The contentious decision allowed Baylor to get a first down and prolong their drive, which ultimately led to a touchdown.

In a very important situation, the decision was highly contentious. Campbell reacted violently against the officials as a consequence.

The college football community went viral after seeing Campbell's response. Many people appeared to believe that Campbell was justified in objecting to the call

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