The college football community responds to the terrible AP Poll error

After the North Carolina Tar Heels' weekend loss to the unranked Notre Dame Fighting Irish, few college football fans 

or media members would place them ahead of the unbeaten North Carolina State Wolfpack. Thomas Murphy, the Arkansas Razorbacks beat reporter,

did just that for this week's AP Poll, but it appears that he made a mistake.
Thomas revealed on Twitter that it was a mistake and that he really meant to put NC State at No. 17 

and the Oregon Ducks at No. 18, leaving North Carolina unranked, after several people noted the unusual position in the AP Poll.

supporters of CFB, I beg for your pardon. I made a mistake when I completed my AP poll early on Sunday morning. Instead of NC State, I had UNC at number 17. 

I accidentally missed out Oregon, who should have been at 18, and instead put the Wolfpack at 18. 

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