The Actual Reason You 'Walk On Eggshells' All The Time Around Your Partner

In love partnerships, the hurt tends to remain between episodes of emotional abuse, resentment, or rage. 

These little periods of solitude, despair, and separation have a cumulative impact that feels like an empty, dull aching.

If you share a home with someone who is bitter, hostile, or emotionally abusive, you undoubtedly occasionally feel as though you've lost yourself.

You continuously modify what you say and do in an effort to avoid blow-ups, put-downs, criticism, sighs of disapproval, or cold shoulders by trying to tiptoe around other people's moods.

You question your own sense of judgement, thoughts, and preferences. You start to doubt whether your way of thinking is sound 

and appropriate. In the end, you experience negative changes in your sense of self and reality.

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