The 3 Zodiac Signs Who Demand Respect 

All zodiac signs may not notice what's occurring to their relationships, but we notice when they become monotonous or mediocre. We wonder how all that love could become so uninteresting.

While we realise love isn't always easy, it should still be respected. On September 3, we may witness how disrespectful our 'romantic' relationships have become.

Aries.You'll have to subtly remind the person you're with to respect you or lose you. During the Moon opposite Mars, you may be close to issuing an ultimatum. 

Taurus. When you find disrespect in your relationship, everything changes. You don't like rule-breakers and won't let someone harm your heart.

Scorpio. Today's power comes after realising you've been losing it by accepting someone's lack of regard for you. That's not cool. 

 Your strength comes from the Moon opposing Mars, which stimulates your thoughts and reminds you who's boss.

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