Tennis legend discusses her issue with Serena Williams

Serena Williams is justifiably receiving high plaudits in the wake of her previous week's U.S. Open loss.

Despite bowing out of the U.S. Open last week, the renowned women's tennis player—possibly the best player in the history of the game—played excellently 

Margaret Court, a legendary tennis player with 24 Grand Slam victories, feels that Williams hasn't treated her with the respect she merits.

"I returned after two children," Court stated. "I won three of the four Slams after having the first child. Since [having a kid], Serena has not achieved a Slam.

She claimed that many media outlets nowadays, especially those covering tennis, are reluctant to mention her name

"I did not receive the honour for what I accomplished. I have titles in my own country, but they still choose not to mention me.

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