Supreme Court rule restricts gun carry in New York

New York's Times Square is a "Gun Free Zone," according to new signage.
The tourist attraction is one of several "sensitive" areas, including parks, churches, and theatres, that will be gun-free 

 under a new state legislation. The proposal establishes strict conditions for awarding concealed carry licences following a June Supreme Court ruling expanding gun rights.

The measure has led to uncertainty and judicial challenges from gun owners who argue it violates their rights.

Concealed carry permit candidates must complete 16 classroom hours and 2 live-fire hours. Gun-free zones include schools, churches, subways, theatres, and amusement parks.

As part of a "character and behaviour" examination, applicants must give three years of social media profiles. Shooters have occasionally posted threats online before opening fire.

Some upstate sheriffs say the extra labour for investigations might contribute to application backlogs.

After a quiet August, forecasters are watching for a storm. 

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