Following a Supreme Court decision, New York will impose gun carry restrictions.

(AP) NEW YORK — City officials are putting up new signs announcing that Times Square in New York is a "Gun Free Zone" among the flashing lights and electronic billboards.

The expansive tourist destination in Manhattan is one of dozens of "sensitive" locations that will be off-limits to firearms under a broad new state rule that takes effect on Thursday.

These locations include parks, churches, and theatres. The law, which was approved after the U.S. Supreme Court extended gun rights in a decision in June

Due to the necessity for applicants to demonstrate they have "proper cause" for a permit, the high court overturned significant portions of the gun laws in New York and a dozen other states.

The decision, according to Gov. Kathy Hochul, "destroyed the capacity for a governor to be able to defend her citizenry from people who carry concealed guns anyplace they chose,

so she and her fellow Democrats in the state Legislature took action the next week.

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