Starship technology's great enigma is ultimately clarified thanks to Star Trek.

The most crucial component of a Star Trek canon spaceship is the one we seldom ever witness in operation.

Although a large, enormous primary deflector dish is a key component of the physical design of almost every renowned Starfleet spacecraft

there are almost no onscreen examples of the deflector dish being used for its proper purpose. Before now.

From The Next Generation through Voyager, we have heard crew members discuss plans to "alter" the primary deflector dish in order to complete some (often urgent) mission in a number of episodes. 

In "The Best of Both Worlds, Part 1," Wesley, Geordi, and Data, for instance, use the dish as a weapon against the Borg.

Additionally, the deflector dish serves as a super-scanner in "All Good Things" to obtain a more precise readout of an anti-time anomaly.

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