Starbucks recalls popular drink

A Starbucks coffee drink maker has recall issues.
Companies recall hazardous or faulty products to avoid responsibility.

Recent recalls have mostly involved cars. F-Ford Ford recalled roughly 500,000 cars on Sept. 1 for blower motor and rear-view camera issues.

Kraft Heinz discovered the contamination after customers complained about the beverages' flavour.

Fans of Starbucks beverages have been on the watch for dangerous drinks in the last year.
Those beverages may not have been poured at a Starbucks but bought there.

 Buy PepsiCo Inc. Report recalled over 250,000 cases of Starbucks Doubleshot Espresso cans on Sept. 26, 2021, but not for microbial contamination or a strange item in the drink.

 The business recalled the drinks because the cans had faulty seals, according to BGR Media.

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