Star with the Tennessee Titans is reportedly done for the year.

Taylor Lewan, an offensive lineman for the Buffalo Bills, suffered a knee injury during the Tennessee Titans' game against the Tennessee Titans on Monday night. 

Unfortunately, the most recent information on his condition is really bad.Bussin' With The Boys, Lewan's podcast, revealed that his knee injury will keep him out for the remainder of the year.

Bussin' With The Boys' official Twitter account posted, "We come to you with terrible news." Taylor Lewan, who injured his knee during last week's game against Buffalo, is gone for the year.

Three times in his NFL career, Lewan, a former first-round choice out of Michigan, has been named to the Pro Bowl. He has participated in 103 games since 2014.

Lewan was replaced by Dennis Daley as he departed the game on Monday early.

In Lewan's absence, Daley will probably start at left tackle for the Titans. The Carolina Panthers were where the former sixth-round selection started his NFL career.

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