Star Harper of the Phillies is Unafraid to Discuss Joe Girardi

The MVP is happy to be back in the midst of the Philadelphia Phillies' lineup.

Harper has contributed significantly to both of the victory over the Pittsburgh Pirates in his first two games back from a fractured finger, in which his team outscored their foe 13-4.

These victories weren't all exclusively due to Harper, either. Even more of a role has been performed by the rest of the squad, especially the young players,

fondly dubbed as the "Phillies Daycare." There is a reason why the team went 32-20 without the MVP.

Harper is not just aware of this truth but also excited about what it means for the Phillies and their future. Following his return on Friday night, he was blunt.

"Every good squad have that. We needed our young players to be ready to step up, pitch, bat, and do all they could to win games when you spend the money on the free-agent market like we did.