Spouse Really focuses On Husband Until He Kicks the bucket

Mitchell and Ashley Whisenhunt were secondary school darlings, together until the end.

 At the point when Mitchell became sick with Marfan condition, an interesting hereditary issue that influences the body's connective tissue.

 Ashley exited school to really focus on him. During this time, the Texas couple invited their girl Brynleigh.
In 2014, following four years of engaging Marfan condition

After Mitchell kicked the bucket, Ashley was figuring out their home when she made an amazing revelation. However she was Mitchell's parental figure.

It wasn't some time before the lamenting spouse wound up holding a pile of 30 letters and a recognizable looking twisting journal she hadn't found in years.

Yet, there was a trick: every one of Mitchell's letters had explicit dates written on the envelopes and Ashley nor Brynleigh could open them until the time had come.

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