Sports world responds to crazy Donald Trump golf story

As anyone who's consistently played a series of golf comprehends, it very well may be a brutal game that obliterates your certainty.

 Be that as it may, previous US President Donald Trump appears to have figured out how to battle those pessimistic considerations .

As indicated by New York Times columnist Maggie Haberman, Trump has a "turning cast of associates" that follow him on the green and read him praises from Twitter.

"As Trump has been out of office over the last 20 [months], an alternating cast of helpers has been entrusted with pursuing him around the green at the club.

Normally, Haberman's fantastic report on Trump's golf propensities created all in all a ruckus on the Web, with many individuals taking to Twitter to share their responses.

Many found it totally silly and wanted that they could recruit individuals to do likewise for them all through their typical lives.

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