Spinal center at Johns Hopkins gifted $5.7 million

doctor-turned-health care entrepreneur and his wife have pledged $5.7 million to Johns Hopkins University and the Johns Hopkins Health System for research and treatment in the Department of Neurology’s spine oncology program.

The gift from Dr. Scott Rifkin and his wife, Frances Rifkin, a nurse, came as a family member was receiving care from the Dr. Nicholas Theodore, director of the Hopkins Neurosurgical Spine Center.

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Theodore is recognized as an expert in brain and spinal cord injury, minimally invasive spine surgeries and robotics. He treats patients with traumas, malformations and deformities, degenerative conditions and tumors.

Dr. Theodore’s research and compassion has been integral in helping our family navigate serious medical issues,” said Rifkin in a statement.

I am so grateful for his groundbreaking work in spinal disorders and honored that Fran and I can support his work with a significant gift that will continue to help move his research and treatments forward making a difference for patients today and well into the future.

The couple has already provided $2.4 million and have pledged the remainder by June 30, 2024. About $2.3 million is earmarked for equipment in Theodore’s lab at Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center

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