Snake-Repelling Plants

Mother-In-Tongue, Law's also called the snake plant, repels snakes. It's named Snake and looks like a snake.

Like Mother-in-Tongue, Law's holly plants can keep snakes away thanks to their spiky leaves.

Mums, or chrysanthemums, are the unofficial fall flower and an effective snake repellant. "Many herbs repel snakes, but the best ones contain pyrethrum," adds Hyland.

Hyland listed several plants with powerful odours that repel snakes, including marigold.

Granger McCollough, founder and CEO of Elite Patio Direct, recommends growing wormwood around the patio or garden perimeter in areas known for snakes

Basil smells great and is used in pesto, pizza, and summer cocktails. Snakes hate it, though. Snakes hate basil, McCollough explains

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