Small adjustments the key for Myles Garrett to reach new defensive heights and consistency

Last season, Garrett talked at length about how “great isn’t good enough” and how he was chasing legendary status.

This offseason, Garrett has made incremental changes to try and reach the generational heights the Browns felt he had the potential for when they drafted him No. 1 overall in 2017.

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Garrett isn’t too keen on divulging trade secrets on what exactly his routine is, though.

While Garrett is understandably secretive about his process, we know some of what he has implemented and what he feels has to change in order for him to reach his potential.

Garrett had a pretty good year in 2021, setting the Browns’ single-season sack record with 16. But when Garrett discussed the difference between being great and being legendary

he said in order to up his own game he needed to make “bigger” plays, including more strip sacks, more batted balls, and in general, making more big plays when in the spotlight.

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