Six golf club rules that are stifling the sport

Dressing codeGolf clubs don't really require any kind of strict dress code nowadays, however recommendations could be helpful for beginners.

Rule of the jacket and tieIt's excellent if individuals like to wear a jacket and tie when they enter the club and when they leave after their round.

Rules for Members' GuestsOne of the best methods to increase the number of individuals who join the golf club is for current members to introduce visitors for the day or for the round.

Limitations for JuniorsThe future of golf lies with juniors, and as practically every club would agree, we could use more of them.

Club Championship "Men's"The club championship should be kept to its original meaning.

Phone and TV rulesLet's face it: A vital aspect of contemporary living is the smartphone. We use it to bank, plan flights, and make purchases. It will remain.

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