Shiny Snom is limited-time in Pokemon Sword and Shield.

Pokemon Sword and Shield has a new Max Raid. Shiny Snom and other little Pokemon are raiding till Sept. 18. But time is running short.

Snom, Pyukumuku, and Pincurchin will occur more often in Max Raid dens in the Wild Area, Isle of Armor, and Crown Tundra.

Shiny Snoms may appear in five-star Max Raids. You'll need to join as many raids as possible before the event expires to locate one.

Shiny Snom ends Sept. 18 at 4:59 p.m. PT. Before the highlighted Pokemon emerge, update your raid dens either connecting to the internet or choosing "Get the Wild Area News" from the Mystery Gift menu

Sword and Shield gamers may acquire more shiny Pokemon this week. GameStop retailers in the US and Canada will give out free Eternatus download codes on Sept. 18. Promotion ends Oct. 1.

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