Serena Williams Admits to Trying a New Sport

Even though Serena Williams just stated that she will no longer play professional tennis, that doesn't mean she is giving up on other forms of exercise. 

In fact, she seems to be experimenting with a new sport, soccer, in a recent Instagram video.

The Grand Slam champion recently disclosed that she unintentionally ended up coaching her daughter's squad and 5-year-old Alexis Olympia Ohanian Jr.'s soccer team.

In her post, she narrated the incident and said, "True story: I showed up to Olympia's first soccer practice. She was so frightened that she wouldn't leave my side. 

Therefore, they required volunteers to serve as assistant coaches. I am now an assistant coach (when I can), and it is obvious that I was unprepared.

Williams continued to explain her wet appearance in the post, stating, "I just went to chill and left looking like this. I have a @Lincoln, at least, to drive us to soccer practice!

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