See the Obliteration Left in Typhoon Fiona's Wake

Islands in the Caribbean are staggering from the harm brought about by Typhoon Fiona. In Puerto Rico, the tempest took out power across the whole island.

In Puerto Rico, the downpour delivered what the Public Weather conditions Administration called "perilous and disastrous flooding.

Farther south, in the towns of Yauco and Cayey, brought down trees took out power and waterways seethed perilously high.

 In Cayey, a family needed to get out the mud after the La Plata waterway flooded and totally lowered their two-story house on Monday.

As Fiona compromised different islands, individuals in Goyave, Guadeloupe, overviewed the harmed property and cleaned out streets daily after the storm.

In Salinas, on the southern bank of Puerto Rico, individuals from the Public Gatekeeper protected a lady from her overwhelmed home.

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