Sean Payton: NFL's Best QB Is Clear

Once restricted by his position as head coach of the New Orleans Saints, Sean Payton may now speak freely about the National Football League.

This week, he appeared on the Herd with Colin Cowherd and he finally admitted it. Before their Thursday night matchup, Cowherd called up Patrick Mahomes and Justin Herbert.

During their talk, Cowherd implied that one may debate which quarterback is the best. Those rumours were put to rest by Sean Payton.
He regards Mahomes as the league's top quarterback.

He's the best, period. Nothing to argue about," Payton said this week on the programme.
It's consistent with what Payton has said about Mahomes in the past.

According to Sam McDowell of the Kansas City Star from a few years ago, Payton once commented, "I felt like that was the finest quarterback I had ever seen on video in a workout.

 I'd already done quite a few of them. Whatever you want to call it. Simply put, I believed he has a special talent with enormous potential for growth. 

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