Scott Frost's statement to Nebraska after being hired

When Scott Frost became Nebraska's head coach, he had big goals.With a Division I-best 48.2 points per game before to taking the position in 2018, Frost guided UCF to an unbeaten season. 

 He aimed to give the Cornhuskers their explosive offence without jeopardising their reputation for toughness.

Bill Moos, a longtime Nebraska athletic director, recalls Frost's appeal to recruit him, according to Ivan Maisel of On3 Sports.

Scott declared, "I want to have the Oregon elegance with the Husker toughness," according to Moos. "That formula simply never really came together to make a decent product."

In contrast, Frost's Huskers were never exactly the best in any area. Additionally, since the beginning of last season, they have utterly lost 11 games by a score of only one.

For Nebraska, which left the Big 12 in 2011, the Big Ten "never felt right and still doesn't," according to Moos. He referred to the conference as a "shoe that didn't fit,"

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