Russians are contacting Ukraine's Defense Ministry to surrender, claims Ukraine.

Ukrainian officials say they are receiving calls to a hotline set up to accept surrenders from Russian forces.

Ukraine's "I Want to Live" hotline promises anonymity and compassion, at least on paper.

According to the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, Russian men who were just mobilised by President Vladimir Putin are calling a Ukrainian hotline to find out how they might surrender.

According to the Ukrainian daily Ukrainska Pravda, department spokesman Andrii Yusov claimed on Monday during a televised briefing.

On September 19, two days before Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered the mobilisation of reservists to the battlefield, the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense established the hotline.

Yusov told the newspaper that the hotline has gotten "a lot of calls" from Russians who have lately been conscripted and even others who have not yet been mobilised.

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