Response From NASCAR World To Dale Earnhardt Jr.'s Interview

On Thursday night, Dale Earnhardt Jr. stunned the sports world by taking third in the Window World 125 of the CARS Tour at North Wilkesboro Speedway.

Earnhardt raced a late model stock car last night for the first time since 1997.Unsurprisingly, the moment Earnhardt crossed the finish line, the crowd gave him an amazing greeting.

Earnhardt expressed how much this race meant to him after the race."Before the race began, as I stood here, I nearly wanted to cry. Every seat was taken, 

and I was overcome with emotion. This is still hard for me to believe. This is still hard for me to believe. Before the marathon, many had forgotten about this location."

Earnhardt went on to say "There were many who supported it, but not enough. We are in this position because enough fortuitous events occurred and switches were flipped. 

 But I don't think it's true, still. I'll tell you, the electricity was palpable when you approached that automobile at that precise time. Being there brought back vivid memories of 1990."

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