The Groom Receives Internet Criticism for Refusing to Let the Bride's Father Walk Her Down the Aisle

An engaged woman said in a widely circulated post on the famous Reddit thread "Am I The A**hole" that her fiance did not want her father to walk her down the aisle because of a money dispute.

The bride going down the aisle is one of the most "memorable" moments of any wedding, according to Brides.

The publication stated that "traditionally, dads escort daughters down the aisle." "She is then offered to her lover for marriage after the two have reached the altar."

While many women want to have their dads escort them down the aisle, they are free to pick another person who holds special meaning for them.

The way a person approaches it might signify her essential beliefs at that particular time, 

according to the magazine: independence, support, identity, and equality—deeply personal sentiments connected to this life shift.

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