Redditors are raving about this Starbucks treat.

Starbucks locations worldwide offer regional drinks and treats in addition to classics. A Starbucks in China will have different options than a Starbucks in the U.K.

Starbucks China is reportedly testing a new pastry item. Questionable item? A coffee-sea salt mooncake. This new mooncake joins black pepper-flavored bacon, cheese white truffle, 

 jujube with mixed nuts, osmanthus cranberry, light lime cheese, and lava custard. Better than a Starbucks cake pop

The Starbucks consumer who commented about the new mooncake said each packet costs $6. Each year, Chinese bakers produce new mooncake tastes and wrappings. 

Starbucks-loving Redditors were "enamored" and joked about going to China to sample the mooncake

 Others wanted Starbucks China could transport its mooncakes to the US, and one user suggested a global trading system. Good concept.

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