Reasons given by Tony Dungy for the paucity of Black NFL head coaches

The Washington Post's sensational article, "How the NFL Blocks Black Coaches," which outlined the reasons for the absence of Black head coaches in the league, shocked the NFL world on Wednesday.

Tony Dungy, one of the greatest Black coaches of all time, offered the Post an intriguing example. 

The Hall of Fame coach claims that Black coaches are perceived by the NFL in the same manner that Black quarterbacks were formerly viewed: as outsiders to the established order.

According to Dungy, "a lot of the Black quarterbacks [from prior eras] had skill sets that went beyond what the NFL did." "They just required a slight shift of mindset on the part of people. 

And for the quarterbacks, it was all it took. Now all of a sudden, the league is on fire because to this youthful bunch of quarterbacks.

"And I believe that coaching falls under the same category. We have some coaches who are as talented but aren't given the chance. We believe we have hired the finest.

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