Reasons Bills OC After the Dolphins game, Ken Dorsey went insane.

A video of Buffalo Bills offensive coordinator Ken Dorsey destroying his portion of the coaches' booth at the conclusion of the Bills' 21-19 defeat to the Miami Dolphins

With fewer than two minutes remaining in the game, the Dolphins' butt punt helped Dorsey in his efforts to bring his typically effective offense into field goal range before time ran out.

But that was not to be. Josh Allen was attempting to take over at center to halt the clock for one more play when the Bills ran out of time.

Dorsey then embarked on a rampage that would have pleased both Keith Moon and John Bonham.

So, let's look at why Dorsey lost his mind. Miami's defense was excellent in this game, and with 18 seconds remaining and the ball at the Buffalo 47-yard line,

Allen threw swiftly to receiver Isaiah McKenzie under intense pressure. For some reason, McKenzie decided not to run out of bounds. 

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