PGA Tour Announces Decision Regarding Phil Mickelson and Others

According to reports, the PGA Tour has extended its ban on LIV golfers, stating in a document that those who made the decision to join the league supported by Saudi Arabia 

According to the letter Phil Mickelson and others received from golf writer Bob Harig:

When, as in this case, the Tour reasonably predicts the player will not fulfil the substantial responsibilities under that agreement, the Tour is not permitted to engage 

into a membership agreement with the player. You cannot and will not be able to renew your PGA Tour membership for the 2022–2023 PGA Tour season.

All of action will take place as the BMW PGA Championship, presented by the DP World Tour, will pit PGA players against LIV participants.

PGA players like Rory McIlroy have publicly stated their opposition to LIV's activities.

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