Paralyzed in stunt, "America's Got Talent" contestant insists he did nothing wrong

Jonathan Goodwin, a daredevil who almost lost his life while practising for "American's Got Talent

Extreme" last year, is certain that he had nothing to do with the terrible tragedy that left him crippled.

A fan explicitly questioned the stuntman during an Instagram Q&A about whether the tragedy happened as a result of a "improper setup" or a misstep on his part. 

It is unknown if he holds the set up responsible, but it is obvious that he feels he carried out his stunt as planned.

In preparation for a risky action he intended to pull off on the reality TV programme last year, Jonathan spent the year training hanging upside down between two swinging automobiles

and breaking out of a straight jacket. Jonathan is shown on video evading capture while trapped between the two swinging, dangling automobiles.

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