One of Trump's most ardent supporters wants to destroy the Washington Monument.

Trump has claimed that those who want to dismantle monuments are on the political left, 

yet one of his most ardent fans says he wants the Washington Monument taken down from the National Mall like ISIS terrorists destroyed temples of idols.

Ali Alexander, a key organiser of the January 6, 2021, Stop the Steal rally in Washington, D.C., stated to his followers on Truth Social that he thought the structure should be destroyed

after a vandal vandalised U.S. President George Washington's eponymous stone obelisk. Alexander also appeared to compare America's first president to a false idol.

Alexander said on Facebook, "Looks like the radical left assaulted and vandalised Washington's Obelisk Monument tonight." 

"To be clear, I don't care because I believe the Obelisk should be taken down. similar to how ISIS terrorists demolished the temples of the ancient Baal false deity."

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