On September 3rd, US cinemas will offer $3 movie tickets.

Despite all the benefits of streaming, going to the cinema to watch a movie still has certain advantages. 

Although the options are limited and you cannot pause when something else needs your attention, watching an engaging movie on the big screen is still a joy in and of itself.

On September 3rd, that experience will be more reasonably priced in US theatres. 

More than 3,000 theatres throughout the US, including chains like AMC, will provide $3 tickets as part of the recently announced National Cinema Day.

With more than 30,000 screens and participation from all major film studios, there is a strong possibility that a theatre close to you is taking part.

Jackie Brenneman, president of the Cinema Foundation, stated, "After this summer's record-breaking return to theatres, we wanted to do something to commemorate moviegoing.