Olympic swimmer triumphs in legal battle to lift the prohibition on black-haired cap

As the first Black woman to swim for Great Britain in the Olympics in the summer of 2021, Alice Dearing was about to create Olympic history.

Bad news next: She was unable to wear the swim hat she had intended to.

Dearing collaborated with the U.K.-based Soul Hat firm to market their bestselling item, a swim cap made for people with Black hair, in the run-up to the Summer Olympics in Tokyo. 

The business had asked FINA, the organisation that oversees swimming worldwide, to authorise the cap for international competition the year before.

However, about a month before Dearing was scheduled to compete in the women's 10-kilometer marathon swimming competition, FINA declared that the cap would be banned

because it did not conform to "the normal form of the head," according to the Associated Press.

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