NY investigation discovered offences.
Trump shouldn't be free.

During her three-year probe into former President Trump, New York's attorney general claims she unearthed possible criminal activity in Trump's real estate.

Despite the hopes of some of the Republican's detractors, Attorney General Letitia James did not attempt to have the Republican arrested this week.

Instead, she said that she would be filing a legal claim against him for $250 million in damages and to have him permanently barred from doing business in the state.

The reasons why James, a Democrat, decided to sue rather than press charges against Trump are murky, as are many other aspects of the law surrounding the president.

First, even if she wanted to prosecute Trump, as well as the Trump Organization and his three oldest children, Donald Jr., Ivanka, and Eric Trump, under state law.

The state attorney general's office in New York can only handle its own prosecutions of certain crimes, such as bid rigging and payroll irregularities.

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