NFL World Responds To The News Of The Tom Brady Ring Fraud

A New Jersey man who pretended to be a former New England Patriots player in order to purchase Super Bowl rings as "gifts" for Tom Brady's family was given a three-year jail term on Monday.

Scott Spina, 25, allegedly tried to illegally order three rings with the name "Brady" with the intention of selling them for a hefty profit. 

He ultimately sold one for more than $30,000 before coming forward about his wrongdoing.

Social media users around the NFL globe responded to the news.Brian Grubb exclaimed in capital letters, "RING FRAUD."Another person questioned, "How does one pose as an NFL player????"

I'm curious whether he claimed to be James Thrash.Another person stated, "I feel bad for the former athlete who had to sell his ring.

Another jokingly said, "The culprit was deflated."Spina reportedly acquired and sold a ring for $63,000 before the Brady rings.

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