NFL World Reacts To Sad News About Jameis Winston

Despite recent major injuries, the New Orleans Saints quarterback intends to participate, according to sources.

"Jameis Winston has felt discomfort from what is thought to be a painful injury and is scheduled to play against the Panthers.

"Although uncomfortable, you're committed to improving your health (while playing). That statement seems to virtually be in contradiction with itself "a follower wrote.

Another supporter chimed in, "Then.. let him sit and heal since you pay Andy Dalton to be the backup???"

"They said that he had difficulties with simple tasks like getting out of his automobile. How in the world is he supposed to play? Additionally, if the Panthers lose today "fan added, one.

One supporter commented, "How do you get healthy by playing?"All of those are reasonable inquiries.Jameis Winston should line up at center this afternoon, right?

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