NFL Reacts to 49ers Injury News

Elijah Mitchell, the starting running back for the San Francisco 49ers, was injured on Sunday, and his was one of the few non-quarterback injuries that mattered much. 

Mitchell rushed for more over 900 yards last season, which was the most on the 49ers. His replacements, Deebo Samuel and Jeff Wilson, will have their hands full. It's a big gaping hole, too

Given Mitchell's importance to the 49ers' offence, his departure has left many of his admirers feeling hopeless. Of course, his passing is also being felt deeply by those who play fantasy football:

If starting quarterback Trey Lance had played better in the 19-10 defeat to the Bears, the team would not have felt the loss of Elijah Mitchell as keenly.

Although he passed for 164 yards and an interception, Lance still managed 54 yards on the ground, which is a respectable total.

However, he has a long way to go in terms of developing his skillset before he can lead the 49ers to victory.

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