NBA World Reacts to Breaking News About Nia Long

Ume Idoka, the head coach of the Boston Celtics, has been suspended for at least a year for repeatedly breaking the organization's code of conduct.

Udoka allegedly had an affair with a group member, according to many sources. What specifically is behind the one-year punishment is unknown.

Notably, Udoka was engaged to Hollywood actress Nia Long, who, although moving to Boston, is said to have been oblivious of the relationship.

"Well-placed sources claim that the female staff member continued to assist #NiaLong with her transfer to Boston even after the Celtics learned of the relationship.

Nia was unaware of the situation until the franchise's disciplinary action was made public "Reporter Kevin Frazier.

One supporter said, "I thought we lost you from sports a long time ago and here you pop in with this bombshell!

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