NASCAR World Reacts To the Major Battle on Saturday

This past weekend was quite tense in the NASCAR world, with a significant fight breaking out on the track.

Following an incident during their heat, Andrew Grady and Davey Callihan got into a fight on the track.It became rather heated.

One supporter tweeted, "Andrew Grady says # Davey Callihan turned him off when he attempted to chat, so he decided to 'Mike Tyson his head.'"

"Grady was incensed when he indicated he wanted to speak with Callihan. Callihan disputes the account of what happened "another supporter proposed.

Another fan said on Twitter, "By the way, alternate angle of the Grady/Callihan altercation... don't think Callihan had time to flip him off."

It will be intriguing to watch whether the two drivers are held accountable for their behavior.

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