NASCAR World Reacts To Dale Earnhardt Jr.'s Suggestion About a Track

Speaking his thoughts has never been a problem for Dale Earnhardt Jr. However, the two-time Daytona 500 champion recently recommended that iRacing build a new course.

Online racing video game iRacing is available via subscription. For those seeking a recreation of actual life, it is particularly well-liked.

Although iRacing already offers a variety of circuits, Earnhardt would want to see the game include a track that is comparable to DuQuoin State Fairgrounds.

The majority of Earnhardt's supporters concur with his recommendation.Fan tweeted, "The king has spoken." "Let's talk about the really magic mile!"

Another enthusiast described the dirt track as "very broad and lengthy." Must be quite quick."This needs to be done," an other fan retorted.

Earnhardt wants iRacing to include the DuQuoin State Fairgrounds because it is a very speedy track.

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