NASCAR Reacts To Saturday's Fight

This past weekend saw a significant altercation take place on the track in the world of NASCAR, which caused things to become rather hot.

Following a collision that occurred during their heat, Andrew Grady and Davey Callihan got into a fight on the track.

Things started to become rather heated.
On the NASCAR track, tempers have been known to flare more than once, but not quite like that in quite some time.

One fan reported that Andrew Grady had said that Davey Callihan had given him the middle finger when he went to speak to him, thus Grady had chosen to "Mike Tyson his skull."

"After Grady expressed his want to speak with Callihan, Callihan brushed him off. This account of the events is not accurate, according to Callihan "a suggestion made by a different fan

Another fan said on Twitter, "By the way, alternate angle of the Grady/Callihan incident... don't believe Callihan had time to flip him off."

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