NASA's second attempt to launch a moon rocket is ruined by a fuel leak.

CAPE FLORIDA'S CANAVERAL (AP) — Launch controllers were forced to abandon their second attempt

to launch a crew capsule into lunar orbit with test dummies on Saturday after NASA's new moon rocket suffered another hazardous fuel leak.

The first attempt earlier in the week was also hampered by hydrogen leaks, although they were on different parts of the 322-foot (98-meter), the most powerful rocket NASA has ever produced.

The 322-foot (98-meter) rocket, the most potent ever created by NASA, is being filled with nearly 1 million gallons of fuel for the second time this week. 

The effort on Monday was unsuccessful due to a faulty engine sensor and gasoline leak.

The tanking procedure was momentarily stopped when the sun rose due to an over-pressure alert, but no harm was done and it was restarted. 

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