NASA's DART Spacecraft Will Crash Into An Asteroid

The dramatic conclusion of a NASA project to see whether the technology may one day be employed to safeguard Earth will occur on Monday.

According to Bobby Braun, director of the space exploration division at the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory in Laurel, Maryland.

Under NASA's Planetary Defense Coordination Office's supervision, the research facility designed and constructed the spacecraft for the Double Asteroid Redirection Test mission.

DART, a spacecraft weighing 1,300 pounds, will be moving at almost 14,000 miles per hour when it collides with the 525-foot-wide asteroid Dimorphos.

Dr. Braun recently said that there is 0% possibility that Dimorphos would approach towards Earth regardless of what the DART mission performs.

The ceremony will be broadcast live by NASA using footage shot by a camera on board the spaceship.

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