NASA successfully crashes into asteroid

NASA claims that this technology may one day be utilised to preserve mankind in a "Armageddon" event, even though the collision occurred .

That's right, six planets are now moving backward across the sky.
The question that needs answering is why anyone gives a damn.

For a long time, the team has been planning this expedition.
On Monday night, an artificial spaceship the size of a vending machine.

The impact speed was 14,000 mph, and it happened at 7:14 p.m. ET.
DART successfully altered Dimorphos' orbit away from Earth, proving the success of the mission.

To paraphrase, "We make a difference!"
Elena Adams of Mission Control proclaimed while bouncing up and down and raising her arms in the air.

This celestial event was captured by telescopes on Earth and in space that were all pointed in the same direction.
While the immediate result of the collision was evident.

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