NASA space explorer joins 2 Russians for journey to Worldwide Space Station

 Notwithstanding high political strains, an American space traveler is planned to get a ride to the Worldwide Space Station on Wednesday.

NASA space explorer Candid Rubio will travel to the space station on board a Soyuz MS-22 rocket.

The Endeavor 68 send off was planned only a couple of moments before 10 a.m. EDT Wednesday. It will require around three hours to get to the space station.

Roscosmos boss Dmitry Rogozin took steps to pull cosmonauts off the station in April after the US and different legislatures .

"I believe it's vital that, when we're at snapshots of conceivable strain somewhere else, human spaceflight and investigation .

Regardless of souring strains among Washington and Moscow, NASA and Roscosmos worked out an arrangement for Russian cosmonauts and American space travelers to hold cooperating.

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